The Home Service Professionals who work via the Helpling platform are private individuals and work directly for you as a customer. They do so through the Home Services Scheme (Regeling Dienstverlening aan Huis.) This ruling allows you as a private individual to hire another private individual for jobs in and around the house. Your provider is directly employed by you as a household. It is not allowed to hire someone for your business. If you want to use Helpling to find a Home Service Professional, you need to be a private household.

For checking your provider's identity and right to work, we use a third-party company called 'Onfido' to check the Home Service Professionals identity and work permit for the Netherlands.

Helpling is an open marketplace and the platform enables customers to go through their own "selection process". All providers are rated on three main categories by other customers: Quality, Communication, and Reliability. In the selection process, you can view all cleaners in your area, with their corresponding profile description, ratings, price, etc.

All bookings are made online. If you'd like to book through us and encounter any problems, please let us know via 0858888338 or and we'll be more than happy to help.